Mother-of-pearl marquetry

dora is a Paris-based furniture consultancy that deftly sources fine French antique, modern and contemporary items for the interior design industry. Our seasoned expertise with this French market uniquely qualifies us to find the pieces to perfect your projects.

With dora, you will receive the utmost personal attention and concern for your objectives. Our services truly simplify the buying process, saving time and money, and facilitating your own creativity and enjoyment of designing.  

We are able to negotiate favorable prices by leveraging long-term relationships with a wide range of private and professional vendors – from flea markets to galleries, from antique warehouses to select individuals.

Our expertise relieves you of hassle. We monitor all packing and shipping logistics from the moment of purchase until the piece safely arrives to you, or to your client. 





Catering to your particular project: advising and sourcing French antique, modern and contemporary pieces. 

Antiques sourcing


Advocating favorable terms for you via our established connections.

French antiques


Arranging and monitoring the secure packing, tracking and receipt of your item(s).

French antiques